Weatherproof doors

Tips for weatherproofing your doors, no more light and wind coming from the outside!

Tools and materials

  • caulk gun
  • putty knife
  • utility knife
  • backer rod insulation
  • weather stripping
  • white paper
  • decorative trim
  • caulk

Step 1: Check and seal gaps

Check where are the largest gaps. Measure the gap from side to side and cut a piece of backer rod to fill the space. Larger gaps might require more than one piece. Once the space is filled, caulk the upper and the lower edge. Stick a decorative trim against the caulked area then drive in some finishing nails to secure it.

Step 2: Fix weather stripping

Use a cutter to cut off the length of copper supply-pipe that is corroded.


If it still does not resolved the issue, call a Door repairs professional through Chatibot. Start chatting here.