Top 10 Central Heating Tips

Here is our Top 10 central heating tips to keep your heating system maintained, reduce your fuel bills and keep you safe.

Step 1: Boiler service and safety checks

Have your boiler and heating system serviced every year to keep it running properly by a Gas Safe professional who will also carry out safety checks on the boiler. Consider taking out a service contract which includes breakdown cover.

Step 2: Carbon monoxyde

Equip your home with a carbon monoxide alarm. It’s not expensive and could save your life as carbon monoxide doesn’t smell and you cannot see it.

Step 3: Flame color

The flame in the boiler should be a clear, strong, blue flame. A yellow, candle like, flame indicates a problem : it can be a sign of incomplete combustion and could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. If that’s the case, get it checked without delay.

Step 4: Run the system regularly

Keep your heating system working by running it regularly, even during the summer just for a short while.

Step 5: Check the pressure

Your pressure gauge will most of the time be around 1 – 1.5 bar (check your heating system manual). Regularly check your pressure gauge to see that level. Combi boilers have a filling loop which can be used to top up the system if the pressure has dropped. If the pressure needs topping up frequently, there may be a leak on the system or a problem with the pressure vessel.

Step 6: Timers and programmers

Control your boiler by a timer or better still a programmer. Good control of your thermostat through timers and programmers can make substantial reduction in your gas bill.

Step 7: Hot water temperature

Set your hot water temperature around 55 – 60 degrees.

Step 8: Thermostatic radiator valves 

Thermostatic radiator valves are great but ensure you have either an automatic bypass or at least one radiator without a thermostatic radiator valves.

Step 9: Balancing the system

If some radiators heating up and others not, check for balancing your system.

Step 10: Insulation and draughtproofing

Check your attic space to make sure that you have the recommended level of insulation.


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