Some tips about Air condition and heater

A few tips to maintain your home’s Air conditioning unit running efficiently.

Keep components clean

especially the outdoor condenser / compressor unit.

Remove dirt & debris

And cut back vegetation at least two feet on all sides.

Use a programmable thermostat

  • Lower the temperature when you’re away from home or at night when sleeping.
  • But with a heat-pump, only use this tip during the summer, as the heat pump’s heating cycle is more efficient when left at a steady temperature.

Have your Heating Air Condition system serviced by a trained technician

Once a year to check combustion in gas or oil furnaces or ensuring there are no leaks in a refrigerant line.

Insulate and air-seal your home.

If you plan to buy a new Heating / Air conditioning system

Let a professional contractor perform exhaustive “Manual J” calculations to calculate the system size, to guarantee comfort, home’s proper humidity needs.

For safety reasons, install in your home smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

If you heat and cool with electricity

Consider upgrading to geothermal heating and cooling. These systems cost a bit more up front, but they last up to twice as long as air-source heat pumps operate more quietly and save money on energy bills.


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