How to repair a leaking Stop Valve

Stop valves or stop cocks are helpful to turn the water off in your house in case of emergency and are commonly found under or near the kitchen sink, or near the front door.

Materials and Tools:

  • a plunger
  • an auger

Step 1: Turning off the water

Before any work, turn off the water in your house, usually by switching off at the Water Authority’s stop valve out in the street just outside your house. Careful, these valves may also be common to your neighbors.

Step 2: Weeping gland nut

It water is dribbling slightly from the gland nut, tighten it a little. Carefully hold the valve body firmly with a wrench so as not to put any pressure on the pipe work which could make matters a lot worse. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to repack the gland nut.

Step 3: Leaking compression fitting

If there is a minor leak on the compression fittings connecting the valve to the pipework, hold the valve body with a wrench to prevent putting pressure on the pipe work and gently tightening the compression nut.

Step 4: Replacing the washer

If the stop valve washer is worn, you may not be able to turn the flow off fully and you would need to replace the washer. Again switch off the supply of water out in the street. Hold the valve body with a wrench and undo the securing nut at the base of the head. Lift out the head and remove the old washer. Fit a replacement washer and reassemble. You can use a little PTFE tape around the thread to ensure a good seal.

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