Common problems on entry doors

Over time, entry door might suffer from wear and tear and not close easily as wood expands and contracts through changing weather. Here’s some of the most common maintenance and repairing tips to make on your entry door.

Step 1: Adjust a sticking entry door

First clean all of the hinges and remove any buildup of dirt along the door edges. Then adjust the hinges by tightening them. If the door continues to stick, try sanding the edges of the door.

Step 2: Repair dents

If you have a steel door, you may be able to repair it using an auto filler. Sand down the damaged area until you see the metal, then applied the auto filler in layers until the door is smooth.

Step 3: Squeaky hinges

Lubricate your door hinges with silicone. Remove the pin and lightly scrub the pin, barrel and hinge leaves with steel wool. Then coat with a thin layer of silicone spray or a light penetrating oil.

Step 4: Seal doors from air leaks

Check the caulk around the door, and replace it if it shows any damage or gaps. Weatherstripping is another option for stopping air leaks. Check out this article about Weatherproof doors.

Step 5: Replace a doorway

Remove one hinge screw and drive a 3-inch screw into the framing to hold the door in place.

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