How to remove limescale

Limescale in a shower or a bath, forms from hard water. Often, when not treated for long periods of time it creates deposits which can clog plumbing. Here’s simple and natural products’ tips to remove limescale in shower.

Tip 1: Water and vinegar

Simply mix a little bit of water with white vinegar and soak a shower head in this mixture overnight.

Tip 2: Lemon juice and vinegar

Even better than just water, add lemon juice to vinegar. If placed in a spray bottle, you can spray all of the areas in the bathroom that have lime buildup.

Tip 3: Water softener 

For water kettles with limescale buildup, add a few tablespoons of water softener before boiling for 2 minutes. For tougher stains, a few drops of lemon juice can be added to the mixture.

Tip 4: White vinegar and borax for toilets

For toilets that have hard water stains, the water in the bowl will need to be drained. Place in an equal mixture of white vinegar and borax. Cover as much of the bowl as possible. This mixture should be left in the bowl for a few hours in order for it to work.

Tip 5: White vinegar for washing machines

Add one gallon of vinegar into the water during a normal cycle of your washing machine.

To prevent from further limescale, think about installing a water softeners or electronic water conditioners. Easily chat with Chatibot ( to find the best pro for you!