How to fix blocked waste pipe

When the water from the waste outlet in sinks and baths doesn’t drain quickly and freely, it indicates a waste pipe blocage.

Step 1: Use a drain cleaner

Follow the instructions and safety precautions carefully as drain cleaner are caustic. They should not be left to act for an excessive time.

Step 2: Use a plunger

Try the conventional plunger to unblock the pipe. Pump the plunger several times, cheap and easy, it usually works pretty well.



Step 3: Blocked waste trap

If the plunger still does not work, the blockage can be in the trap beneath the sink. Place a washing-up bowl under the trap to catch the water. Unscrew the two ends of the trap and ease it out, clear any debris from it. Reassemble the trap and check the flow of waste water again.

Step 4: Drain rods

If it still doesn’t work, use a narrow gauge drain rod (a long length of wire on a reel with a hook set on the end). Pushed into the pipe until it reaches the obstruction and then twisted to release it.


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