Clear blocked drain in shower waste outlets

If your shower water outlets do not drain away quickly, it might be blocked.

Materials and Tools:

  • a plunger
  • an auger

Step 1: Just clean the shower insert

  • Remove the shower wastes’ insert : insert traps debris and hair (particularly long hair) before it has a chance to get into the pipe work. Clean the insert and remove all build up.
  • Before replacing, run clean water into the waste and check that it is now flowing at full capacity.

If it’s still struggling to keep up or indeed hardly flowing at all, this will indicate that there is a blockage in the shower trap itself.

Step 2: Use the “magic” plunger

Allow the water in the tray to build up so that the drain is completely submerged, then place a plunger over the outlet.

A plunger

Push the plunger down and then back up a few times. This will often be sufficient to unblock.

Step 3: Use a gauge drain clearing auger

If step 2 did not manage to resolve the blockage, insert a small gauge drain clearing auger into the waste outlet. Turn clockwise until the spiral shaped screw end will bite into the blockage allowing it to be pulled back out. This should clear the drain.

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