Why my outlets are not working?

There are two main reasons for outlets not to be working, provoking other devices on the circuit to stop working as well: a bad connection to the outlet or a tripped breaker.

A bad connection

Most of outlets have wire pushed through a slot in the back. The problem can arise with time, when the connections are held in by a spring that has been worn out. When this happens, the outlet is not working anymore.

electric outlet wiring
Outlet : electric wires

An easy way to fix the issue, is to tie the wires together with a single line coming off the outlets. Wrap the ends around the screws of the outlets, rather than just using the push connection.

A tripped breaker

The most common reason for breakers to trip is that too many devices are being run at the same time. This happens more frequently in older houses with lower electrical capacities than in modern homes.

When outlets do not work because of a tripped breaker, flip the breaker back on and try with fewer devices. You might try a few times before finding the maximum or devices you can use on the line (note that it can also be due to a large device, like a generator, trying to pull to much power).

If it still does not resolved the issue, the outlets can be wired incorrectly causing a fault in the circuit.

In that case, it is recommended to call a professional electrician. Don’t hesitate to ask Chatibot to find you the right trusted electrician to call. Click Here to start Messaging with Chatibot.